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Building an Understanding of Our Coral Reefs
Jade Leung, SAHS Biology teacher, created a vibrant lego scene of a coral reef as part of the Steel City LUG display at Shaler North Hills Library. She aims to raise awareness of the need to protect our reefs and their rich biodiversity. Ms. Leung share, “I got involved in Steel City Lug because I thought it was a fantastic opportunity to showcase the wonderful things people from all ages can learn from building with Legos. I enjoy the community events and working with the public (especially children) helping to excite and engage Lego builders of all ages. Our quarterly meeting challenge was to build a reef. I was thrilled to build a reef because they are a critical part of ocean ecosystems and are in dire need of protection. They are vital to the health of our oceans and are essential to the biodiversity of oceans.”

Check out her display near the hall leading to the children's area through the end of the month.