Students Show Distinction in Latin
Each year, students in the Latin program at Shaler Area Middle School and Shaler Area High School demonstrate their skill by taking the National Latin Exam. This standardized test assesses students' knowledge of Latin and ancient Roman culture. Congratulations to each student on their strong showing!

Latin I
Mackenzie Ballew       (silver maxima cum laude)
Aubrielle Costic        (magna cum laude)
Nathan Bartolowits     (magna cum laude)
Allie Cieslak           (magna cum laude)
Ava Cieslak            (cum laude)
Peyton Stamos        (cum laude)
Jonah Cable           (cum laude)
Braden Foley          (cum laude)
Emma Conway         (cum laude)
Sophia Hayes            (cum laude)
Luke Harrison             (cum laude)


Latin II
Grace Helbling      (gold summa cum laude)
Andrew Purucker   (gold summa cum laude)
Samuel Boeh       (silver maxima cum laude)
Rose Molnar        (silver maxima cum laude)
Gabrielle Exler       (silver maxima cum laude)
Jamie Hoffman        (magna cum laude)
Elise Williams         (magna cum laude)
Noah Bragg        (cum laude)

Latin III
Alayna McGuire    (magna cum laude)
Colby McGuire     (cum laude)
Leni Karnavas      (cum laude)

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